Sunday, 3 July 2016

My experience in the blog

Hi bloggers! This is my last post. Time happens and the semester ends. Today I will speak about my experience writing a blog. Well, I wrote about many topics that I wouldn’t write on others sites like Facebook. I think that a blog is more personal and for this reason it is easy to share things about me (like my favorite food, music, pets…). . Writing a blog is fun (It is like a diary, but public), I don’t understand why almost nobody uses blogs (apart from us). It would be great that everyone would write one.

Now, about my progress in English..I’m better than before. When I started the course, I didn’t understand anything, really!! (Ok, I 'm exaggerating a bit)The best of this experience, is that the topics I liked a lot!! I would include. Well, in the future I would write about places I like to visit, some travel, books , favorite quotes , my favorite season of the year, artists , series and movies, cartoons!!! . Perhaps about irritating things like people walking slowly in front of me (or maybe not). I don’t know, there many topics to share.

I would like to keep writing in the blog....Anyway, see you next time!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Pets

Hi bloggers! Today I will speak about Pets.( I dislike the word “pets”, I like refer to my “pets” like my family, but in this post I will say “Pets” for prevent complications)

When I was a little girl, I have a dog called “Diana” (for the princess), she was a beautiful Dalmatian. And she was my pet for 15 years. She was quiet and docile.

Actually I have five pets (yes, they are many) Two dogs (Qülla and July), two turtles, (Tortu and Sugar) and a cat, Simón.

About my dog Qülla, she was called so because in Quechua means “Moon protection”. July, was called so because was a convertion of “Joe” (Before we thought that she was male). She was adopted of Parque O’higgins and for this, she was addicted to beer. When she found a tin, she ran to drink. But now she has been rehabilitated.

My turtles comes in Christmas and her names were “Tortu” and “Guita”. But after “Guita” died, and my sister brought other and I called “Sugar”. They have seven years. One day I hope find a better place (now, they are living in a big aquarius, but no it’s enought).

And about my cat Simon….. I’m completely safe that he is a alien with shape of cat. He love run for all parts of the house. And usually he ignores me. He just having fun. Something like “Eat play sleep repeat”.

Wel, that it’s all. By the way, I think that is necessary adopt dogs. Actually, there are many walking in the streets!!


Friday, 24 June 2016

About subjects

Hi blogger! Today I will talk about a subject that I enjoyed this semester. And the winner subject is…….Renewable Natural Resources. But I like just the theoretical part, because the practical part was only Excel and boring things. About the teacher, he is very good, although a little crabby. And about the time it was at nine (This wasn’t good. You will know it is very difficult. You have to get up and all that). Besides, the first test was hard!! Okay, I know that only I speaked bad things, but was a beautiful subject. It was very interesting because I learned about climate, water, soil, air and radiation. I really like all related to Earth and understand how it works. In fact, I could say that this was the only subject where I was really focused all time. It’s hard for me to concentrate on other classes, sometimes. The other subjects do not like very much. For example physics, statistics or programming (I want to know about the Earth).

Well, that is all. Thank you for reading! Hugs :3

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A career-related website

Hello blogger! Today I will talk you about some very interesting pages related with my career (Renewable Natural Resources Engineering).

The first is an information page, which is updated every day. Everything on the page is about the environment , either climate change, pollution , energy , natural resources and more. It functions thanks to a multidisciplinary organization, which extracts information from prestigious and reliable sources. You can choose to read national or international news. It is called “Chile Desarrollo Sustentable

The second page is called “Chile energies”, I like so much because is focused information. You can read only about renewable energy and keep you informed of what happens in Chile in this area. In addition to news there are interviews and discussion.

Finally , another page I check always: (Ministry of Enviroment/MMA) this may be the most important because I can know all the laws related to the environment and naturals resources. I can know what is doing the government about it. For example, you can see public consultations, the national strategy on biodiversity , air pollution control plans , statements and initiatives. The coolest thing about this is that there is an eco- library where you can check out books and documents ( pdf ) from different areas (water, energy efficiency, waste and others). You can follow the facebook page too :)

Well, that's all… bye!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Music !!!!

Hi bloggers! Today is a cold day and there’s nothing better that listening to music with a coffee.
I think I told you before that I LOVE MUSIC! I told you I like Gustavo Cerati? I think so…
Anyway, my favourite kind of music is alternative rock, although I also like folk, reggae, indie and classical music. My favourite singers are Cerati, Manuel García, David Bowie, Lucybell and Pedro Aznar. About my favourite bands, they are many: Soda Stereo (Obviously), The Strokes, The Smiths, The Kooks (almost all bands starting with "the”), Incubus, Zoé, SOJA…. (Ok , it is an endless list)
But yes, I listen to music from Tchaikovsky to “an orange summer…”

I never get bored of listening to music .In fact, I have the same song as ringtone and alarm six years ago.
(Is this, is called True Love- SOJA

By the way, if there is something I love is going to concerts. Recently went to a concert with a friend to see an emerging group called Vectors, and they presented to another group called Hotel Juliet . They have only five songs , but they are really good, listen to them!

Ok, ok I could talk all day about this topic. Thanks for reading me ! hugs :3

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My favourite photograph

Hi blogger! Today I will show you my favourite photograph. It is difficult choose just one because there are many photographs that I like so much. But I try to choose one that remember beautiful moments.

This photograph not is very elaborate, is a casual photo that took a good friend.

I’ll tell you… In February I traveled to South of Chile with four friends. We wanted  backpacking to Puerto Montt and we did! But before, we visited Icalma. This place located in the  IX region,  have a  little village and a big lake.  Is called “Icalma” because in Mapudungun means “water mirror”.
Well, when we visited this place, we climbed a hill with a lookout  where we can see the whole lake.  We walked along a phat  very steep and we got tired, then we stopped and looking around (The landscape was beautiful!) Just in this moment Gustavo (one of my friends) took the photograph.
In the photograph you can see my friend Alejandra (right) and me (left). And behind, you can see Icalma lake. Besides, there is a big Araucaria.
I really love this photopgraph!

That's is all! Bye

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Hi bloggers! Today I will talk about a topic that I like so! I really love eat, but I am very complicated because I am vegan. When I have hungry I can't go to kiosk and buy some without know the ingredients. Nor I can go to any restaurant, It's very sad :c

Well, my favourite food is potato pie. I could eat this plateful always! If you change the meat for soja the flavor is very similar. I to eat it just when my mom prepare, cause I don't know how to do.

Generally I always cook because is easier that buy, for this reason I never eat food that I hate (ravioli, soup, lentils). I just cook delicious food like vegetables, rice, chikpeas (I love chikspeas) and soja hamburguers.

Also I like so much lemon pie or chocolats, even more than sushi or chips. I prefer sweet food than salted food, although I prefer coffe whithout sugar jeje... by the way, I really love coffe!!!!